My Virtual Friend, My Humble Mentor

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Ahmad Albar, one of Indonesian famous rocker said that life and world is like a theatre. I said, life is full of drama. Others said that life is full of the opportunities as well as the obstacles. Another said that life is like yin and yang, where everything has its opposite side. Other fellows said that life is colorful, and some others mentioned that life is unpredictable. Yeah, it will take a thick of book to record people’s statement and their thought about life. 🙂

good planner
best planner

And…, talking about life, I do agree to those mentioned statement above. How ever, life is also a mystery where there is nobody can exactly predict their future. We may plan perfectly and ready to run those well planned agenda, but finally, the implementation or execution will go smoothly only by HIS approval. In the other words, sometimes, the well planned agenda went wrong, even though all the preparation has made in detail. Why? I believe that this is because of this quote are right. ‘Human being is a good planner, but how ever, HE is the best planner.’ 🙂

Further speaking about life, there are variety of nuances ranging from happy, joy, sorrow, tears and grief that comes and goes in our life. Sometimes tears of joys and next time the tears of grief hold us tightly. For myself, tears are often breaking down my feeling not only because of a sadness, desperation, missing of our belonging and our beloved, pain and so on, but it also flew down just because of happiness. What about you, guys? 🙂 How often your tears flow down because of a missing of your belonging or your beloved?

My Virtual Friend

Humble Mentor
Humble Mentor

I believe that most of us have lots of virtual friends, right? As we have social media accounts, of course we have a bunch of virtual friends. But, how many of them that really come into our life and being good friends of us?

I have some. But today, I really wanna share you about one of them. A chinese man , let’s call him as Lucky, whose has being my virtual friends since 2007, but met up in reality only for 4 times. 🙂 What? only 4 times? So how could you claim that he is a good friend of yours, Al?  

Hehe, well. He is! He is a very good friend of mine. A care one, as well as a polite one. I don’t know why, but he treats me well. Is it because of I have a rule? Yeah, there is a rule that during our conversation, ‘there is no seduction word allowed. We may discussed about anything, include ‘adult topic’ but still, in the corridor of politeness and no vulgarism. As I said, during our friendship, we just met up for 4 times, so far, but I can say that the quality of our friendship is super. 

My Humble Mentor

Lucky is not only my virtual friend! He is also being my mentor in learning stock trading. Yes, since my brother shared me a link (trading for beginner) which was written by Lucky, I surprised that he is not only a virtual friend, but also a mentor of trading. He has a blog about trading for beginner. Wow! Can you imagine when someone shared us a link that we really need, we opened and being surprised to see that the author of that link is our good friend? I felt that when my brother gave me the link, Lucky’s link. Lucky never told me that he is a mentor and conducted some trainings to that related topic. Wow!

Since that, of course I persuaded him to be my mentor. 🙂 But since I was in Aceh and he was in Jakarta, the trading lesson was conducted online. The first met up occured when I had a seminar (office duty) in Jakarta. We met after the seminar in a starbuck cafe, and Lucky showed me how to read the candle stick which was made my head get a headche. Haha. He convinced me that my engineer’r brains will be able to well deal with this kind of things. But I don’t think so, I need times to get myself being familiar with this. But as Lucky continually convinced me, I believe it and continue to learn. The learning process during our private online class was amazing. Before, I have never believe that a good friendship could be established and maintained well thru online, but then I do. Lucky and I have it. I am glad to have him.

But…? As we committed to not save each phone number and agreed to only chat through yahoo messsenger, then, we lost contact sometimes, for example when he and his family went abroad then away from online things, or vise versa, then we disconnected.

Angle’s Wings

As online friends, sometimes we may not hold them to always with us. This also happened to Lucky. Around 1,5 years ago. Lucky was disappeared. No message, no conversation. As usual. I just tried to be positive thinking of him. May be he was busy with his mother in law (Lucky is very caring person, especially to his mother in law), whose love to be accompanied by him to go somewhere. Or he was busy with kids and family. Just wishing him that he and family are oke.

Until one day, there was a notification at my facebook. A new message requested to be approved. The name there was Lucky. O ow! Was it my Lucky? I responded fastly. ‘Hey, Lucky, how are you? Where have you been?’

‘Hey, Al. How are you? Accept my friend request, please!’

“Aha, finally, you gave up. Opened a facebook account. Welcome! Haha.’

‘Yeah, haha. How are you, dear?’ He replied.

‘I am not good, dear. I have to sale my xyz shares. ok?’

‘NO, DON’T SALE THEM NOW. KEEP IT!’ Capslock appeared over there. Ops. Mentor’s command.

‘But, I need money for Intan’s tuition fee, Luck. I am broke. I need to sale them.’ a cry smiley sent to Lucky.

‘Please, hold on. KEEP XYZ. Wait, I will be back!’ Then the green light over there went off, and Lucky disappeared again. Oh, Gosh. He wanted me to hold my shares. But these shares went down and put me loss. I need to cut loss. But, as Lucky commanded me to hold, I daren’t to argue. Meanwhile, I was so confused. Intan’s tuition fee has to be paid, but the money minus 3 million, still. 😥 What should I do?

In the evening, there is facebook notification on my smartphone. I grabbed it and found Lucky was there. And, Masyaallah…, Allah send me angel’s wings.

‘Al, give me your BCA bank account number. A friend of mine will transfer you 3 million.’

Ops. What a surprised.

‘But, how should I return it, Luck? To your account later or hers?’

‘No need. She owed me 3 million, and I asked her to transfer you. You don’t have to pay to me or her. This 3 millions is for Intan tuition fee. Keep the XYZ. Okey? Now, give me the bank account number.’

Really, it was so amazing. Allah, thanks a lots. You sent me a miracle. There is nothing happened without your approval. Many-many thanks for you, my best Planner! Subhanallah. And… mates, right after I texted Lucky my bank account number, the incoming 3 millions was there. Alhamdulillah. And… Lucky dissapeared again, after making sure that the 3 millions was already in transferred.

Now, I don’t know where he is. I missed him, as I missed my family. For me, he is not only my virtual friend, not only my mentor, but more than a brother. May God always with you, Lucky. If you read this note, please, chat me. Come online, please!

a miracle of a virtual angel,

Al, Bandung, 24 July 2016


    • Alaika Abdullah

      Yeah, Alhamdulillah Allah sent him to be not only a good friends but also mentor as well as ‘brother’. 🙂
      Hm, I need to look for the link first, will be back to you as soon as I found the link, ya, Mba. Thanks for visited and your comment. 🙂

  • fanny fristhika nila

    jujur aja, aku jg lbh seneng berteman dengan org2 di dunia maya gini drpd yg di dunia nyata.. justru temen2 yg awal mula kenalnya dari internet, justru jd temen terbaik bahkan ada 1 yg menjadi travelmateku juga mbak.. ntahlah, aku malah ga nemuin temen2 di dunia nyata yg sebaik mereka2 ini malah.. kebanyakan malah bertolakbelakang ama aku sehingga kita ga bisa jd temen yg bner2 deket

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